Skin Tightening

The Titan Laser, this new exciting laser procedure that many dermatologists are calling an effective alternative to a face lift, and popular choice for safely tightening up loose or sagging skin. The Titan Laser is one of a new breed of skin lasers that offer patients skin treatments marked by minimal if any pain or discomfort. The laser works by stimulating the collagen that lies below the surface of skin. When the skin ages collagen fibers will stretch resulting in sagging skin. The Titan Laser heats the collagen layer which results in it contracting and thickening.

You can use the Titan laser on a variety of areas. Most people use the Titan Laser in the facial area. The forehead, neck, cheeks and jowl are the most popular areas for treatment. In addition you can tighten up other areas such as the stomach, thighs, and arms. The procedure is especially effective at treating the more difficult places of the body such as the knee and elbows. The Tital laser will have you looking younger, and feeling better. This is the safest and newest method for achieving skin-tight results.

The Titan Procedure

These sessions can last from a minimum of 10 minutes to over one hour, based on the recomended approach from Dr. Brooks. A numbing cream is applied to your treatment area, but there is little to no pain during this procedure. The sensation during the procedure can best be described as a pulse of heat which continually cycles throughout the treatment. You may experience slight redness that usually will fade after an hour. Any swelling that occurs should subside within a day.

What makes the Titan procedure popular is its minimal impact. The procedure is not surgical, and has good or better results than traditional forms of facial surgery.