What To Do About Adult Acne

Dear Dr. Brooks,

I had acne as a teen, and always assumed it would go away once I was in my 20’s. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for me. I just hate it. I’ve tried a lot of different oral and topical medicine, and am dying to find a solution. What do you suggest  for adult acne?

Won’t This Ever Go Away

Dear Won’t This Ever Go Away,

There are two broad categories of acne:  inflammatory and non-inflammatory.  There are several different treatment options available, depending on what type of lesions are present.  Treatments range from topical antibiotics and retinoids, to oral medications.  There are also cosmetic procedures such as lasers and chemical peels that may help. Please schedule an appointment for a consultation so I can give you a recommendation personalized for your skin.

– Dr. Brooks